DPC22 Speaker Package

We are committed to offering the best speakers possible. To do that, we have arranged for a generous speaker package.

If one or more of your talks are accepted, and you commit to speak at DPC, we will provide the following to you:

  • A complimentary ticket to the conference: July 1-2.
  • Speaker dinner on Friday evening July 1st.
  • Conference social on Friday evening - a Social event including food, drinks, fun activities and CodeNight.
  • Recording of your talk (audio + screen), which we will edit and publish on YouTube after the conference.
  • 1-3 nights stay (including breakfast) at the Eden Hotel Amsterdam (the number of nights depends on where you have to travel from).
  • Fresh coffee, lunch, soft drinks and snacks at the conference venue on Friday and Saturday.
  • Informal dinner on thursday June 30th (if you’re already in Amsterdam).
  • Ticket for public transport in Amsterdam - valid up to 72h.
  • Reimbursement for travel insurance for the duration of your trip.
  • Last but not least, payment for travel expenses:
    • Round-trip airline or train ticket + reimbursement of travel cost from home-airport and airport-hotel (and vice versa).
    • If you travel by car, we arrange a multi-day parking ticket at the RAI venue and you receive reimbursement of fuel cost.

Train versus Plane

If it’s possible to travel by train, we prefer you choose this means of travel in order to minimize the carbon footprint of our conference. You are the one travelling, so it’s your decision but we do ask you to consider this option.

When you are from abroad, you will receive an information package on The Netherlands in general and Amsterdam in specific (payment customs, safety information, behaviour, bikes & traffic, weather etc).


Can I bring my partner?

Yes, you can bring a partner. Please inform us at your earliest convenience so we can arrange a double/twin room with breakfast for 2 and reserve an extra seat at the Speaker’s Dinner.

Can I book additional nights in the speaker hotel?

Yes, this is possible but please arrange this sooner rather than later as the hotel fills up fast. The rooms are non-refundable so if you’re not sure you’ll stay we advise you to book through booking.com and choose the flexible option.

Can I choose my own flight/travel?

We will ask you to propose a flight that best suits your schedule. We will try to accommodate this. However, we do have budget constraints that we need to work in.

Can I book my own flight/travel?

Yes, you can book your own travel but please contact us to check if your selected option fits our budget. If it does, you can book your travel and send us the receipt for reimbursement. We’ll transfer the money asap (within 1 week).

Can publication of my recorded talk be postponed?

Yes, we can delay publication to a certain date if the content is under embargo until that date.

I don’t want my talk to be recorded, is that OK?

All talks will be recorded (recording will be on all day) but if you do not want us to publish the recording, no problem, we won’t.